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Rote Learning: the best of a bad lot?

By Sam Graham and Truong Thuy Van, LSU Rote learning has a bad name in the West. Sure, we need to memorise things. An immediate grasp of times tables, for example, is useful. We also need a foundation of knowledge before we can do any serious thinking. However, encouraging rote learning or memorisation for it’s […]

The LSU Top 5 #8

This is the eighth of our weekly links to the top 5 interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet. (Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!) A Point of View: When students answer back – BBC Mary Beard laments the importance placed on customer satisfaction within universities, wondering if it inhibits hard, ‘destabilising’ study. She says: …the […]

Transitioning to university in Vietnam

By Dy Healy, LSU July – This morning, on my way to work, I saw lots of parents sitting in front of every school, waiting for their children with anxious faces. “Will my child be able to answer all the questions? Is she confident enough? Has she prepared everything she needs?” Seven years ago, my […]