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The real problem with Wikipedia

By Sam Graham I confess: I tell students to use Wikipedia. The reading that students are expected to do can be (rightfully) tough. They’re thrown in the deep end, often without the basic knowledge to make sense of the complex details they’re meant to master. Try reading Edward Said’s Orientalism without a foundation in the […]

Added Value in Collaboration

By Wei Wei, David DeBrot & Matthew Cowan The LSU offers an array of services for our students which include workshops and one-on-one consultations to support them with academic language and learning support for their degree programs. But one service in particular that we provide has become probably the most successful in terms of numbers […]

Critical Thinking Study Part 1

By Matthew Cowan, LSU Sometime last year we embarked on an investigation into what it actually means to expect our students to demonstrate critical thinking in their classwork, examinations, and assignments. We were curious to find out what our students actually thought critical thinking was and when and where it’s important to use. All this, […]