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Dream bigger – advice for students

By Ly Nguyen Phuc, Bachelor of Commerce student Phuc is a first-semester Bachelor of Commerce student and a RMIT University Vietnam scholarship recipient. Rather than just focusing on grades and ‘perfect’ academic results, I believe it is much better if you study because you have a strong passion for what you like and an urge to […]

What does ‘good English communication’ mean?

RMIT Vietnam staff Matt (LSU) and Loc (Library and Learning Commons) – English communication in action! By Pham Nguyen Hoang Dy, LSU English has rapidly become an essential language in South East Asia. In occupational areas, many workplaces now require English communicative abilities. The better command of English one has, the more likely that he […]

The LSU Top 5 #10

This is the tenth of our weekly links to the top 5 interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet. (Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)   Fantasy Academe: A role for sabermetrics – The Chronicle of Higher Education What if our value as academics and Higher Education staff was measured in the way players […]

Hear from the graduates

By David DeBrot, LSU with Nguyen Quoc Hung and Nguyen Hong Hai Dang It’s Graduation this weekend both in Saigon and Hanoi at RMIT Vietnam. Listen to two of the top graduates and former SLAMs mentors talk about their university experience  and their advice to students and staff at this university and others. The two […]

The pursuit of lifelong learning for Vietnamese students

By Truong Thuy Van, LSU This is Van’s article that appeared in Thanh Nien News and Vietweek News on 2/11/2012. When people hear about my graduate school plan, they often say ‘You’ve learnt enough. You’ve graduated university and have a secure job. Girls at your age don’t need to learn more’. My question is: How much is enough? When […]

Critical thinking as personal liberation

By Dang Nguyen, RMIT University Vietnam alumna Dang is currently working as a Research Officer in the Centre of Commerce and Management at the University. She is a former SLAM mentor and a nominee for this year’s RMIT University President’s Award which recognizes outstanding academic achievement, social responsibility and contribution to the University community. One of […]

An alternative education

By Sam Graham, LSU My most profound learning was experience was not in a university classroom. Instead, I was sitting eyes closed, with little sense of the passing time, in pain. There were no concrete outcomes from the course and nothing keeping me there. The teacher’s eyes were closed too. This was a Vipassana meditation […]