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By David DeBrot, LSU I’ve now worked at RMIT Vietnam just under six and a half years. Today is my last day at this university and this is my last post as Editor of this blog. The LSU team past and present have been fantastic and working with them is what I will miss most. […]

Managing you

By David DeBrot, LSU I started off this article with the intent of exploring the placement and relationship of management in education, until I realized that a bunch of people wouldn’t really care to read this. So, in facing this reality, I realized that while management is often seen as an ‘import’ from the business […]

Your turn: Is it all about jobs?

By David DeBrot, LSU My son is 7 years old and in Grade 1. His last field trip was to a local kid’s ‘edutainment’ facility entirely themed on occupations and getting them to think about what job they’d like to perform in the future. I felt frustrated – ‘Isn’t 7 a little too early to […]

Hear from the graduates

By David DeBrot, LSU with Nguyen Quoc Hung and Nguyen Hong Hai Dang It’s Graduation this weekend both in Saigon and Hanoi at RMIT Vietnam. Listen to two of the top graduates and former SLAMs mentors talk about their university experience  and their advice to students and staff at this university and others. The two […]

The ‘C’ word

By David DeBrot, LSU ‘An organization is not an entity of its own – it is a group of individuals.’ It’s a strength, not a weakness What is it that separates people with talent and opportunity who achieve quality outcomes from those who also have talent and opportunity but don’t achieve in the same ways? […]

The center of learning

By David DeBrot, LSU So how many articles have you seen recently on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)? If you haven’t, no worries – here’s what a MOOC is: it’s a university course online. That’s pretty much it. The biggest fish in the pond right now is Coursera – they’ve managed to sign up some […]