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Do you see what I see?

By Carol Witney, LSU As an international educator, I have often come across very bright, articulate, lively and energetic students  who are really struggling with literacy skills in English. In the UK with a native speaker, it would be natural for me to ask a few questions to try and determine whether the learner has […]

So you want to improve your writing? Some suggestions for students

By Mark Hershey Mark Hershey has an MA in TEFL and has been teaching in Asia for over a dozen years. He is especially interested in theories of learning and the discovery process. I once went to a professional basketball game between the Seattle Supersonics and the Boston Celtics. I arrived a couple of hours early. After […]

“Teacher! I have no ideas!”

By Matthew Cowan, LSU We’re always getting requests from students for advice on how to come up with ideas for essays, particularly as submission deadlines wheel round. It can be a tough one to deal with. How do you advise someone on how to come up with something as abstract as an idea? Telling them […]

Argument mapping in your subject

By Ian Handsley Argument mapping is a technique for representing ideas visually. Research on its use in Australian universities has consistently shown it has a profound impact on students’ critical thinking abilities. What’s an argument map? Rather than describe one, here’s a map of the argument “You should integrate argument mapping into the subjects you […]