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The real problem with Wikipedia

By Sam Graham I confess: I tell students to use Wikipedia. The reading that students are expected to do can be (rightfully) tough. They’re thrown in the deep end, often without the basic knowledge to make sense of the complex details they’re meant to master. Try reading Edward Said’s Orientalism without a foundation in the […]

Do you see what I see?

By Carol Witney, LSU As an international educator, I have often come across very bright, articulate, lively and energetic students  who are really struggling with literacy skills in English. In the UK with a native speaker, it would be natural for me to ask a few questions to try and determine whether the learner has […]

What is normal anyway? Supporting equality and diversity

By Ksenia Nikolaeva, Nguyen Tuan Tu and Carol Witney Ksenia Nikolaeva is an alumnus of RMIT International University Vietnam and a PhD candidate in Computational Biology and Innovation. Nguyen Tuan Tu is a student  in the Bachelor of Business Information Systems program at RMIT Vietnam. Carol Witney is a Learning Advisor in the LSU. Ksenia […]