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Discovering your passions

By Matt Cowan, LSU and Mai Thanh Ngoc, Bachelor of Business – Economics and Finance In this audio interview, Matt talks with Ngoc, a current scholarship student at RMIT Vietnam, about discovering passions while studying, and advice for students on making the best of the academic and social opportunities at university. It’s a 14 minute […]

Are international schools bad for you?

By Matthew Cowan, LSU A newspaper article did the rounds on social media in Vietnam recently because it reported that some influential people in Vietnamese society believe early second language acquisition dilutes the identity of Vietnamese children. It also stated there’s a strong belief that  it meddles with children’s identification with Vietnamese culture and their […]

The Asian Century White Paper: A response from on the ground in Vietnam

By Matthew Cowan, LSU The Australian Government’s recently released and much maligned Asian Century White Paper has come under sustained fire for failing to measure up to expectations. Long awaited and released to much fanfare, the White Paper sets out to provide a road map for Australians to become more ‘Asia-literate’ by way of deeper […]

Do you say ‘I do’?

By Moulik Zaveri, PhD Moulik has a PhD in Marketing from RMIT University, Australia and has been a marketing lecturer at RMIT Vietnam since 2010. He’s about to embark on his next big undertaking – marriage!  If you are reading this page it is very likely that you are either pursuing a PhD or planning […]

The ‘C’ word

By David DeBrot, LSU ‘An organization is not an entity of its own – it is a group of individuals.’ It’s a strength, not a weakness What is it that separates people with talent and opportunity who achieve quality outcomes from those who also have talent and opportunity but don’t achieve in the same ways? […]