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Learning outside the classroom – a Student Council election perspective

By Huynh Ngoc Tan and David DeBrot I worked with Tan during the 2013 RMIT Vietnam Student Council Elections. As the Returning Officer, I got to see first hand how our students engage in important community initiatives such as the Student Council Elections. I invited Huynh Ngoc Tan, BIS student and campaign manager of the […]

Student mentoring – A mentor’s perspective

By Truong My Duyen, Professional Communication student at RMIT University Vietnam Truong My Duyen is in her final semester of the Professional Communication program, and served as a mentor in SLAMs for Communication for four semesters. SLAMs (Student Learning Advice Mentors) – RMIT Vietnam’s premier peer-mentoring program, is now in its eighth semester of operation […]

Prezi as a higher learning tool

By Ian Handsley The first time I used Prezi I was inflicted with a mild dose of motion sickness. It was during my first week at the LSU and David DeBrot had mentioned it in one of our many discussions about alternatives to zombie teaching practices (PowerPoint, in that instance). Having never heard of Prezi, […]

You are what you read

By Matthew Cowan, LSU Never before have we had greater access to information.  Information produced in the last 30 years is said to be greater than the amount produced in the previous 5,000. Knowledge creation was once the guarded preserve of scholars at universities and almost exclusively published in peer-reviewed journals reached only by a […]

Argument mapping in your subject

By Ian Handsley Argument mapping is a technique for representing ideas visually. Research on its use in Australian universities has consistently shown it has a profound impact on students’ critical thinking abilities. What’s an argument map? Rather than describe one, here’s a map of the argument “You should integrate argument mapping into the subjects you […]