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Your turn: Is it all about jobs?

By David DeBrot, LSU My son is 7 years old and in Grade 1. His last field trip was to a local kid’s ‘edutainment’ facility entirely themed on occupations and getting them to think about what job they’d like to perform in the future. I felt frustrated – ‘Isn’t 7 a little too early to […]

Prezi as a higher learning tool

By Ian Handsley The first time I used Prezi I was inflicted with a mild dose of motion sickness. It was during my first week at the LSU and David DeBrot had mentioned it in one of our many discussions about alternatives to zombie teaching practices (PowerPoint, in that instance). Having never heard of Prezi, […]

Flipping exciting

By Matthew Cowan, LSU Followers of innovation in higher education will have by now found it almost impossible to ignore the flurry of discussion Massive Open Online Courses, commonly referred to as MOOCs, has generated recently. MOOCs have been around for a while now, but we’ve begun to pay more attention to them since MIT […]

The center of learning

By David DeBrot, LSU So how many articles have you seen recently on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)? If you haven’t, no worries – here’s what a MOOC is: it’s a university course online. That’s pretty much it. The biggest fish in the pond right now is Coursera – they’ve managed to sign up some […]

You are what you read

By Matthew Cowan, LSU Never before have we had greater access to information.  Information produced in the last 30 years is said to be greater than the amount produced in the previous 5,000. Knowledge creation was once the guarded preserve of scholars at universities and almost exclusively published in peer-reviewed journals reached only by a […]

The future of universities

By Dominic Mahon Dominic Mahon teaches at a private university in Turkey. Previously he has taught academic literacies at universities in the UK and Vietnam. What will your university look like in 20 years? The chances are that it will be radically different to the institution of today or perhaps it will not even exist […]