The LSU Top 5 #56


This is the 56th of our top 5 bits and pieces about education from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Typography Book Explores What It Feels Like To Have DyslexiaHuffington Post

Noticing that dyslexia education seemed entirely focused on helping dyslexics to read better, Sam Barclay made a book showing non-dyslexics how the world looks to his fellow dyslexics.


How much does a master degree cost?Vietnam Net

Tuition fees for a Vietnamese postgraduate program alone might be affordable, but the extra ‘fees’ are less so. What are tuition fee for if students have to pay extra for purchasing teaching aids, photocopying learning materials or buying daily drinking water for lecturers? Perhaps the highest, most annoying cost is to giving ‘gifts’ to lecturers to pass exams or receive high marks.


‘Classrooms of Shame’Inside Higher Ed

This reminded us of ‘Classrooms of Shame’ (link), a blog chronicling the worst facilities that universities have to offer. Empathize, or feel good that you’ve got something much better.


How Getting Into College Became Such a Long, Frenzied, Competitive ProcessThe Atlantic

This article looks at some of the loops that students have had to jump through in the past 150 years to get into Tufts University.

NBA Superstar Chris Bosh: Here’s Why You Should Learn to CodeWired

Here we have a sports star giving advice a little more specific than the usual ‘Stay in school’: ‘Learn to code.’


We love hearing your thoughts on these articles, so feel free to comment below!



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