The LSU Top 5 #48

This is the 48th of our weekly links to the top 5 bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Colleges’ Role Shouldn’t End at GraduationThe Chronicle of Higher Education

With the transition from university to the workforce longer and often more complex than in the past, universities should consider formalising support for graduates after they have finished the full-time part of their degree.

Many colleges continue to think that the bulk of their work is focused on just one moment in their students’ lives… During that time, institutions still treat them as they always have, welcoming them for orientation and wishing them well at commencement and saying, “Our work is done.”

But we’re living longer now and leaving adolescence later, so we need to build a new transition period after college.


Vietnamese bachelors lack skills in looking for jobsVietnam Net

This article is a cautionary tale of fresh-graduates expecting and demanding too much from their potential employers. It describes how graduates who demand too much and think too much of themselves risk ending up with nothing.


One Classroom, Two GendersNew York Times

A transgender academic writes about the differences in being a female and male educator.

I’ve found that students interact with me — and each other — differently as well. It used to be that I had to draw students out, call on them to start a discussion. Now they jump right in; at semester’s end the student evaluations often talk about the way “Professor Boylan creates an environment in which it feels safe to share our feelings.” I know I should be pleased by this, but often it makes me groan — is that really my stock in trade now that I’m female, the sharing of feelings instead of ideas?


BYOD vs. Digitial DistractionsAgile Learning

Should we be encouraging the use of electronic devices in the classroom and telling students to Bring Your Own Device, or keeping them free from distraction? This is a cautious reflection on the issue.

We need to ask more of our students during class than merely taking notes if we want to keep them from wandering off to Facebook or ESPN or shoe shopping…. I’ll often supplement this argument with another one, that the smart phone in my pocket has more computing power than the computers that got us to the Moon, so perhaps we can find some productive uses for these devices.


First model of online study launched in VietnamVietnam Net

The first MOOC in Vietnam opened last month. While there are concerns about the quality of lecturers and the copyright, this portal is hoping to encourage active learning in Vietnam. Experts suggest building a system of credit for such courses and charging tuition fees to maintain and develop the portal.



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