The LSU Top 5 #44

This is the 44th of our weekly links to the top 5 bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

‘Majoring in a Professor’ – Inside Higher Ed

Students’ decisions about what to major in is “overwhelmingly” influenced by who teaches them in each major’s introductory courses.

“It’s important for department chairs and deans to recognize who their more skilled teachers are, and the teachers they can use to draw students into certain majors,” [paper co-author Christopher G.] Takacs said. College leaders need to go to departments and say “why don’t you get so-and-so to teach this introductory course.”


In Defense Of Multiple-ChoiceEdudemic

The title says it all.

Multiple choice questions contain a plethora of advantages including avoiding teacher bias, enabling careful thinking to avoid first guesses, finding subtle differences in wording or content, or rethinking factual knowledge in a new context.


Future Comms: Around the World in 80 AppsThe Future Index

This article looks at mobile apps made by universities around the world. It describes some of the better ones, putting them into six categories.

The new picture is that everything is getting ‘Smart’ – from TVs to screens in cars. At the moment, many universities are struggling to keep up with the current need of smart phones and tablets. So now is the time to make the big leap.


Excellent students also fail the exams to medical schoolVietnam Net

Achieving 90% in the university entrance exam means you’re probably a very good student, but it doesn’t qualify you for a place at the Hanoi Medical University. Given a doctor shortage and the fact that these students are capable, this university has proposed to the Ministry of Education and Training to enrol 150 students with this mark if they pay the fees for themselves rather than rely on the usual government subsidy. While the ministry refused this proposal to protect the current admission regulations, many experts are concerned about a brain drain as these talented students may head overseas to study and work.


Milk, eggs, flour… degree? Asda launches degree courseThe Independent

The British supermarket company Asda is opening a customized three year degree programme in conjunction with Middlesex University. Employees/students can choose between distribution or retail operations.


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