Critical Thinking Study Part 1

By Matthew Cowan, LSU

Sometime last year we embarked on an investigation into what it actually means to expect our students to demonstrate critical thinking in their classwork, examinations, and assignments. We were curious to find out what our students actually thought critical thinking was and when and where it’s important to use. All this, of course, with the aim to better inform us so we can support our students even more effectively.

Our initial findings are shown below in our infographic.  At the time these initial findings were put together, 459 RMIT Vietnam students had taken our survey, with 62% of those fully completing the survey. And, as you’ll see, there were some really interesting themes beginning to reveal themselves, themes that encouraged us to look at the data a little more closely. In fact, we have gone a step closer to revealing what’s going on with our students, but you’ll have to check back for our next blog post to see that!

Anyway, check out our infographic, which was, by the way, presented at The Asian Conference on Education in Osaka last year.

Our initial findings Part 1

Our initial findings Part 1

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