The LSU Top 5 #31

This is the 31st of our weekly links to the top 5 bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Policies, not funds, stymie development of universitiesThanh Nien

While other countries in the region have top-ranked universities, Vietnam has none. The country is struggling with the question of improving quality but, according to the former Deputy Minister of Training and Education, lacks appropriate policies to reform the system. He says that universities need more independence, funding should be concentrated in a select few universities, and private universities should be encouraged.


The Ultimate Absurdity of College RankingsThe Huffington Post

…or maybe there should be less concern with the rankings of Vietnamese universities. The President of Rochester Institute of Technology argues that rankings are meaningless and are a comparison of apples with oranges.

Why anyone would think that Princeton and North Carolina A&T should be compared head-to-head is beyond me. They admit very different students and apply very different resources to their educational programs.

Instead, universities should be evaluated according to the achievement of their goals:

In such a process, a community college could well achieve as high a rating as an Ivy League school, and students could choose to go where their educational needs are best matched.


WB, Vietnam Sign Credit Agreements worth US$ 400 million to improve the country’s competitiveness and educationThe World Bank (press release)

…but nonetheless, funds are on the way for higher education reform. The World Bank has loaned Vietnam US$150 million dollars targeting education at both ends of the educational spectrum: early childhood and higher education. In higher education, $50 million will be used to implement higher education reform, specifically to:

(i) improve the responsiveness of higher education and research; (ii) enhance fiscal transparency, sustainability and effectiveness of the higher education sector; and (iii) improve the quality of Higher Education institutions.


How not to write a PhD thesisTimes Higher Education

This is a witty, honest roadmap to failing your PhD.


Exams: Maximizing Their Learning PotentialFaculty Focus

Good exams can motivate students’ learning. However, the question is how teachers help students benefit from exams. This article gives a number of suggestions to maximize students’ learning experience before, during and after exams through review sessions, the exams themselves and debrief sessions.


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