The Top 5 #29

This is the 29th of our weekly links to the top 5 bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Asian Higher Education Revolution a Long Way Off University World News

This articles gives a description of The Times Higher Education Asian University Rankings, of which there is a list of the ‘Top 100’ universities in Asia. Among these, Tokyo University is ranked as the top university in Asia (but features at 8 in the QS Rankings for Asia). Regional rankings are described as well – and unfortunately, with no Vietnamese university listed in the Top 100.



Duke Faculty Say No – Inside Higher Ed

Duke University undergraduate faculty have voted to block online courses for credit as part of Duke’s partnership with other universities in delivering undergraduate course content. The proposed courses would have been available for credit to students at other universities as well, and this came at a time when the current faculty are hesitant to also back the proposed Duke campus in China.

Thomas Pfau, a professor of English and German, who spoke publicly against the 2U effort during the faculty meeting, reported on this:

“There we are believing in a brick and mortar framework in our pedagogical mission 8,000 miles away,” he said referring to the new campus in China, “but here where the students are actually in place, we seem to want to encourage them to take classes online – the absurdity of that was noted by a number of faculty.”



Higher Ed’s CIOs Can’t Ignore MOOCs or PoliticsInformation Week

This article details the discussions of CIOs (Chief Information Officers) from leading U.S. Higher Ed institutions and the descriptions of what the main challenges are currently at universities around competition from MOOCs and the ever present need to navigate the politics and move past initial opposition to enact technological change that will help the University, students and staff.

…(The) consultative process is important, but at some point technology leaders must also have the courage to “deal with the non-friendlies who will never change,” said Andrea Ballinger, associate VP and chief technology officer at Illinois State University.



Australian Higher Education Hit by Large Funding Cut Times Higher Education

The recent Government cuts in Australian have reduced funds available to universities there by 2.3 billion AUD over the next 4 years in order to pay for schools reform. This is presenting universities with a major challenge, particularly in the areas of student support and research funding.

From the article: Australian universities are currently beginning a series of negotiations with unions on new “enterprise agreements”, which govern staff terms and conditions. The negotiations at the University of Sydney have already led to strike action.



Vietnam Wastes Too Much Moneyto Train Gifted StudentsVietnamNet Bridge

This articles describes the ways in which gifted students are taught and trained in high schools for their high school and university exams and programs. It investigates the proportion of national resources (namely funding and staffing) and how these are used with gifted students and discusses whether or not this is the best choice for a developing nation with a large percentage of the population who would benefit from enhanced training, facilities and resources, but who aren’t gifted.



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