Student mentoring – A mentor’s perspective

By Truong My Duyen, Professional Communication student at RMIT University Vietnam

Truong My Duyen is in her final semester of the Professional Communication program, and served as a mentor in SLAMs for Communication for four semesters.

SLAMs (Student Learning Advice Mentors) – RMIT Vietnam’s premier peer-mentoring program, is now in its eighth semester of operation at RMIT Vietnam’s Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City campuses. The program has continued its mission of helping students learn from high-achieving predecessors by making mentors available for more courses this semester.

Over time, the SLAMs program has earned a lot of trust from students, staff and the mentors themselves in their work to support the academic learning approaches, strategies and capabilities of students across a range of academic programs.

What students, mentors and staff think of SLAMs
Mentors take a lot of pride in belonging to the SLAMs community. They are not only students who achieve HDs or DIs, but also those enjoy helping other students overcome difficulties in studying to achieve the same success.

From SLAMs I can understand that one of the best ways to learn about something is by teaching or sharing knowledge. By helping others with their studies, we can develop ourselves into people who can solve problems for other students. We can also sharpen our communication skills and review knowledge about important subjects at the same time.

Mentees also express appreciation to dedicated support of mentors

SLAMs mentors are really friendly and approachable students. I feel very comfortable seeking their help when I have problems. They provide me with many successful tips to do well in exams and to get high marks on assignments. More importantly, they inspire and motivate me to study with their passion about learning and mentoring.

The program adds a lot of value to the academic life of students and is unique to RMIT Vietnam. I think staff view SLAMS as role model students who are committed to making a positive impact on other students as well as motivating them to become independent learners, connected and creative in creating the SLAMs newsletter.

SLAMs Newsletter issue 6

The brand new issue of the SLAMS newsletter is out, which provides useful information about academic and social life at RMIT Vietnam. The SLAMs newsletter is now six semesters old, still going strong, completely student-produced and has become better with time. This current issue presents some very engaging, interesting pieces of writing regarding:
  • What it’s like to study in an international environment
  • SLAMs got talent
  • Advice on how to win a scholarship from a current student
  • How to get over the Commercial Law exam phobia
  • From Vietnam to Washington DC: an adventure and a life-long learning experience
  • Explore RMIT library’s hidden treasure: the online database
  • Take your time to enjoy reading inspiring newsletter articles written by our wonderful students

Click here to read the Newsletter

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