The LSU Top 5 #26

And now to celebrate half a year of the Top 5 bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet!

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-ReadingNew York Times

Would knowing everything about how your students use their textbooks be useful in guiding their learning or would it be an invasion of privacy and an attack on student autonomy? CourseSmart, a new venture, tracks student reading and note taking and reports how individual students are studying. One professor is cautious about reading too much into the results:

His students generally are scoring well on quizzes and assignments. In the old days, that might have reassured him. But their engagement indexes are low.

“Maybe the course is too easy and I need to challenge them a bit more,” Mr. Guardia said. “Or maybe the textbooks are not as good as I thought.”


Secrets to Navigating Campus PoliticsHigher Ed Jobs

Politics are inevitable in any work environment. This article outlines the different types of politics at campuses/universities and gives some advice about how to navigate your way through.


Colleges defy ministry’s rule, turn down poor enroleesTuoi Tre

In an effort to ensure that there will be an educated, trained workshop even in less-developed areas in Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training this year required colleges and universities to automatically accept students from poor areas. However, some colleges are simply refusing to do so.


How Can We Foster Creativity in China?The Creativity Post

While entrepreneurship has played a central role in economic growth in China, this article says that education in China has not encouraged graduates to start businesses. In conjunction with the US Kauffman Foundation, some top universities in China have developed entrepreneurship programs, and the government is trying to attract overseas-educated Chinese to return.

Meanwhile, Thanh Nien interviewed former education minister Tran Hong Quan about the lack of research in Vietnam plagued by apathy to research.


Free to ProfitInside Higher Ed

Let the monitorization of MOOCs begin! And yes, they’ll stay ‘open’, with monitorization including verification of the person taking the course with a completion certificate and shared profits with Amazon through recommended textbooks bought by students. Watch out to see if courses suddenly start recommending textbooks! – at the moment, many don’t.


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