The LSU Top 5 #22

This is the 22nd of our weekly links to the top 5 interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?Behind Frenemy Lines

Texas State Representative Gene Wu found fifth grade exams confusing so challenged his colleagues to see how they would do. Needless to say, they didn’t do very well. The article is linked above and below, the questions are here, and the answers here. There’s a nice lesson here about making assessments – at university-level as well as in fifth grade – clear and targeted at testing learning outcomes rather than the ability to mentally wrestle with exam questions.

A fairly new website has started collecting samples of ridiculous test questions, here.


Nutella in Ferris Booth costs Dining $5,000 per week – Columbia Spectator

Why does university cost so much? All those hidden costs add up. For example, one dining hall at Columbia University gets through around 45kg of Nutella each day, costing $250 000 a year. This is Nutella that we’re talking about here, though, so maybe it’s money well spent?

One student interpreted the situation rather seriously:

“The ramifications and the reasons behind it are bigger than Ferris Booth or the dining hall in general, it’s coming from a culture of consumption where ideas like waste don’t mean anything,” Farin Jarod Kautz, GS ’14, said.

Another student had a simpler explanation:

“People love their Nutella,” Charles Sanky, CC ’16, said.


Former admissions officer mocked applicant essays – The Daily Pennsylvanian

A warning to those who light-heartedly make fun of students on Facebook: it can catch up to you! A University of Pennsylvania admissions officer lost her job after making fun of applicants’ essays. The article also touches on issues arising from young employees talking about their jobs publicly on social media.


Equality or quality? Measuring the effect of more uni students – The Conversation

This article looks at how the quality of Australian universities is and might be measured, with a focus on social equality.

…by focusing only on the “quality” of the graduate, rather than the “value add” the university has provided, institutions that disproportionately attract the highest-ranked school leavers might be perceived to be the best, regardless of their actual teaching processes. By contrast, a university that offers excellent support to struggling learners and improves them exponentially may not have this excellence recognised.


Harvard Searched E-Mails for Source of Media LeaksThe New York Times

After a news leak relating to a scandal that saw 70 in a class of 279 withdraw due to cheating charges, Harvard searched through emails looking for the source of the leak. Reaction has ranged from ‘What can you expect on work email?’ to condemnation of the search which may have violated university policy.


We love hearing your thoughts on these articles, so feel free to comment below!

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