The LSU Top 5 #19

This is the nineteenth of our weekly links to the top 5 interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Vietnam gets to grips with its business schoolsFinancial Times

This article gives an overview of RMIT Vietnam and the context we work in. It’s always (usually?!) nice to see ourselves in the (big) press!


Dangerous CurvesInside Higher Ed

Faced with a marking system that saw the top student moderated to 100% and all others receiving grades in relation to this, students at three John Hopkins University computer science classes gamed the system by simply not turning up. With no one taking the exams, the top mark was 0, meaning all students were given 100%. A+ for team effort, too.


China Plans to Build the Biggest Branch Campus in the World, but Will It Succeed?The Chronicle

On a 150 acre site and with a target of 10 000 students, Xiamen University is planning on opening what will be the biggest branch campus in the world. The article suggests that it will target Chinese Malaysians who have been neglected in Malaysia’s university system and those who would otherwise enrol in Malaysia’s dominant private universities. However, they will have to show they intend to stay, with two branch campuses in Malaysia haven’t recently shut down.


Student Comments: Moving from Participation to ContributionFaculty Focus

Class participation is a common target in the classroom, but do we sometimes mistake quantity of participation for quality? The author of this blog post revisits a 1987 article giving suggestions for how to get students to contribute rather than just participate.


The case for blue-collar work: College no longer guarantees successThe Guardian

Does the traditional formula of college = white-collar job = success remain true? The author, who earns more from her part-time at a supermarket than teaching writing at a British university, argues that it’s time we stop exclusively associating white-collar jobs with higher income and social success.


We love hearing your thoughts on these articles, so feel free to comment below!




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