The LSU Top 5 #18

It’s Tet here in Vietnam.

The LSU staff are away in various parts of the world climbing mountains, snorkelling, celebrating the new year and spending time with their families. BUT – the LSU blog doesn’t take a holiday – it just keeps going!

This is the eighteenth of our weekly links to the top 5 interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

People Flock Online for Free University Education – The Age

The University of Melbourne has become the first Australian university to offer courses through Coursera. And if you don’t know what Coursera is or why it matters – this article gives you a good introduction and the importance in the Australian context.


Moocs Credit Given Green Light Times Higher Education

Connected to the above, this article gives info on the first five massive open online courses (or MOOCs) that have been chosen in the U.S. by the American Council on Education to bear credit, meaning these online courses could help students work toward the completion of a degree at an accredited institution.


Give Us a Job: How Graduates Can Stand Out From the CrowdThe Independent

Graduates, even from top universities such as Oxford, lack strong employability skills such as communication and team work – as reported by employers in this article. Sound familiar? This article gives a description of raising rates of first-class honors and other factors that make ‘standing out’ more difficult and then gives tips on giving a solid job or graduate school interview.


President Obama’s Next Four Years: Invest in Higher EducationHuffington Post

Michael Lomax, President and CEO of the United Negro College Fund in the U.S., lays out a descriptive strategy for how President Obama could and should do similarly for Higher Education in the U.S. what he did for the K-12 system and improve thea accessibility and relevance of Higher Education programs, particularly for low-income black and hispanic students, so more people can benefit practically from attending a tertiary program.


University Implicated in Checks-For-Degrees SchemeThe Onion

Here’s something for a bit of fun. An Onion article on how many universities have been found to be conferring degrees in exchange for hefty sums of money.


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One response to “The LSU Top 5 #18”

  1. Stephen McGrath says :

    The phrase “Free University Education” is a misnomer. Until free online courses offer graded results and degree-level accreditation after passing (not completing) them then they are NOT University Education courses. A better phrase might be “Free University-sourced Education”.

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