The LSU Top 5 #11

This is the eleventh of our weekly links to the top 5 interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

(Linking doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with these articles!)

Grades, the currency on campus University Affairs

Does the promise of grades make students work harder? It depends how the grading system is structured.

This article uses a behavioural economic lens to look at the incentives offered by grading, showing that even the smallest changes in a grading system can make significant differences to student work. A lot of these changes could easily be implemented in most university classrooms.


Literacy Privilege: How I Learned to Check Mine Instead of Making Fun of People’s Grammar on the InternetPainting the Grey Area

In this blog post, a “recovering grammar snob” talks of the linguistic elitism that dominates not just education, employment and public discourse, but all areas of our lives.

“…the more I understand about my fellow human beings, the more I recognize the importance of taking the time to stop, listen, and learn about their struggles before unleashing my own careless judgements.”


For Whom Is College Being Reinvented?The Chronicle of Higher Education

After a year of articles promising an educational revolution built on MOOCs, the past few weeks have seen a lot more sceptical articles.

Many MOOCs are being put out by elite universities, led by people who always succeeded as students. Those that are touting massive changes are also often those who breezed through university. These people are not taking account of the importance of face-to-face contact with those who deliver course content and with other support personnel in helping less-prepared or able students.

Siva Vaidhyanathan, a University of Virginia professor of media studies and law, said:

[Universities are] certainly not just about the direct delivery of information into people’s lives. If that’s all universities did, then publishing and libraries would have crushed universities a long time ago.

More simply asked by a parent of a prospective student:

Is this thing crap or for real?


No more finance, banking majors in 2013, rules ministryTuoi Tre

Graduates in Vietnam with finance, banking, business administration and accounting majors have been oversupplied and are therefore facing intense competition entering the workforce. In response, the Ministry of Education and Training is barring universities from offering new course in these areas.


Dancers Among UsJordan Matter

And finally, because it’s Boxing Day, a reminder to enjoy the classroom!


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