2 responses to “Publish and mix it up”

  1. Don Breay says :

    I realise that it wasn’t the subject of this post, but would be interesting to hear about your own experience with academic publishing, David, to see how you are “mixing it up”, as you say. A google search on how get published in journals is one thing, but I value hearing the experience of those who have done it. Could you point me to some of your (academic peer-reviewed journal) published work?

    This blog is great for engaging discussion, and I agree that the mixed approach is the way forward. But when it comes to rigorous research I think many academics still value peer-reviewed journals. Cheers!

    • LSUvietnam says :

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for your comment. My own experience is not as extensive as others – I’m what you’d call ‘an early career researcher’. I have worked on (co-authored or was involved in as a contributor or project manager) around 6 studies in the last year and a bit. There are currently 2 articles I’ve co-authored that have been accepted but not yet published and around 4 others still in data collection or write-up stages.

      My experience with journal publishing is that there are certainly things you can do that may help increase your chances of being published in a specific journal. It doesn’t hurt to read the journal and try to inductively determine the ‘style’ or focus of the articles published there. Additionally, strong project management skills on a group research project are a must and citing relevant articles from the journal you wish to publish in may be helpful as well.

      I agree with you – publishing in peer-reviewed journals is still very much respected. I have no argument against that and instead wished to explore a more contemporary strategy and mix to varied publications. My current publishing ‘mix’ includes this blog (which I edit along with my colleagues) and a monthly column in an Vietnamese newspaper distributed nationally and published in English – Vietweek News. You can check out those articles published in that paper as well here on the blog – just click on ‘As Seen in Vietweek News’.

      Hope this addresses your comment.

      – David DeBrot

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