Hear from the graduates

By David DeBrot, LSU with Nguyen Quoc Hung and Nguyen Hong Hai Dang

It’s Graduation this weekend both in Saigon and Hanoi at RMIT Vietnam.

Listen to two of the top graduates and former SLAMs mentors talk about their university experience  and their advice to students and staff at this university and others.

The two graduates we spoke to are Nguyen Quoc Hung and Nguyen Hong Hai Dang. Listen to them speak below:

First up is Hung, Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction and recipient of the President’s Award (Saigon South campus).


Up close and personal with Hung

Next is Dang, Bachelor of Communication with Distinction, recipient of the President’s Commendation (Saigon South campus), and Research Assistant in the Centre of Commerce and Management at RMIT Vietnam.

Dang with some of the LSU staff (from left) – Dy, Wei, Matt and David

Thanks again to both Hung and Dang for their contributions to this post –  leave a comment to let them know what you think.

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3 responses to “Hear from the graduates”

  1. Cheryl DeBrot-Erwin says :

    I enjoyed listening to both interviews. I think it was a good idea to record them instead of their only being printed. It was great to hear both student’s responses as well as the interviewer’s good questions!

  2. Minh says :

    proud of RMIT-ers. Proud of being a part of RMIT.

  3. Patrick says :

    Go Dang! Well communicated 🙂

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