The LSU Top 5 #3

This is the third of our weekly Top 5 links to the most interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet.

Today’s Faculty: Stressed, Focused on Teaching, and Undeterred by Long Odds

A national survey finds professors under pressure on many campuses. Those off the tenure track have conflicted views about their prospects.


Saving Higher Education

The traditional structures and program offerings of Higher Ed is up against the ropes and must change. But how? This article gives a solid argument for 6 potential solutions.


University of the Future

Not an article – so sue us. This report highlights the urgent need for Australian universities to change – or many will risk becoming extinct within the next 10 years. The Executive Summary sums it all up – on page 4 of the report.


Asian century white paper sets tricky targets for universities

This week, the Asian Century White Paper was released by the Australian government, with goals to engage Asia through Higher Ed programs, study abroad students and research. Highlights of the Paper are covered in this article and the entire Paper can be found here.


I’m Not Racist, But

Tensions are rising between international and domestic students at major American Universities. The invective has spread to student-run newspapers, twitter accounts and blogs. However blatantly racist it may seem, many students are considering it a logical and valid argument in an era of cuts to publicly-funded universities.


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