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The LSU Top 5 #3

This is the third of our weekly Top 5 links to the most interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet. Today’s Faculty: Stressed, Focused on Teaching, and Undeterred by Long Odds A national survey finds professors under pressure on many campuses. Those off the tenure track have conflicted views about their prospects. […]

Critical thinking as personal liberation

By Dang Nguyen, RMIT University Vietnam alumna Dang is currently working as a Research Officer in the Centre of Commerce and Management at the University. She is a former SLAM mentor and a nominee for this year’s RMIT University President’s Award which recognizes outstanding academic achievement, social responsibility and contribution to the University community. One of […]

The LSU Top 5 #2

This is the second of our weekly Top 5 links to the most interesting bits and pieces we’ve found from around the internet. Teaching What You Don’t Know Are you always a better teacher because you’re an expert? This opinion piece looks at some of the benefits of being a relative novice in course content […]

The LSU Top 5

 By Sam Graham, LSU This week we introduce a new weekly roundup of Higher Education articles: ‘The LSU Top 5’ . 5 articles freshly pressed, distilled and poured especially for you every Wednesday here at the LSU Vietnam blog. Gathered like flakes of gold dust from around the mass of sites, blogs and periodicals on Higher Ed, […]

In reading, are you a bricklayer or a carpenter?

By Joel Swenddal Joel Swenddal, an English Language Educator at RMIT Vietnam, holds an M.A. in TESOL and has taught English for Academic Purposes at universities in the US and Asia. His research interests include academic literacy development and classroom interaction. When we are reading fluently in our first language, it’s very easy to forget […]

Do you say ‘I do’?

By Moulik Zaveri, PhD Moulik has a PhD in Marketing from RMIT University, Australia and has been a marketing lecturer at RMIT Vietnam since 2010. He’s about to embark on his next big undertaking – marriage!  If you are reading this page it is very likely that you are either pursuing a PhD or planning […]