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What is normal anyway? Supporting equality and diversity

By Ksenia Nikolaeva, Nguyen Tuan Tu and Carol Witney Ksenia Nikolaeva is an alumnus of RMIT International University Vietnam and a PhD candidate in Computational Biology and Innovation. Nguyen Tuan Tu is a student  in the Bachelor of Business Information Systems program at RMIT Vietnam. Carol Witney is a Learning Advisor in the LSU. Ksenia […]

Reflecting (on) microaggression

By Ian Handsley Ian lives in a small Japanese fishing village with his wife and 4 kids. Just enjoying a spot of house husbandry at the moment, but will be back at the higher-education coal face soon. Higher Education Innovationist and former member of the LSU. I stop passersby in their tracks. I attract the stares […]

Motivating EAP students through feedback

By Dominic Mahon & Rachel Niklas Dominic Mahon & Rachel Niklas teach at a private university in Turkey. Previously they have taught academic literacies at universities in the UK and Vietnam Why are you reading this? The chances are there is something you hope to gain from doing so. Information, entertainment, perhaps just passing time.  Whatever the case, […]

Dad and Mom

This is Wei’s article that appeared in Thanh Nien News and Vietweek on 6/7/2012. By Dr. Wei Wei, LSU Me: “Let’s talk about parents. What questions did the parents usually ask you when they came to the school?” Teacher: “They want to know everything of their kids at school. After the exams or the results being released, we […]