5 ways to get the most from your Orientation

In this post, Van, our Administration Officer in the LSU in Hanoi, offers her top 5 essential things for new students to do on Orientation Day! 

By Truong Thuy Van, LSU

Some might tell you that orientation is boring. Don’t trust them! Experienced students would not suggest you to skip it but rather make the most out of the day. To newbies, this is the first “Welcome” to you. To English students, you might think you know everything about RMIT. Probably not! Many English students don’t know who they should talk to regarding their problems or how to be successful degree students. So, to all new students, orientation is for you. It will be fun and informative depending on how you take it.

Here you go, the orientation day! What should you do?

#1 – Make new friends. Friends are very important at university. Friends make student life happier. When you are happy, you are likely to study better. So why not talk to the new faces beside you while doing puzzles from Learning Skills Unit? I know two students, now in the third semester, who met in orientation, shared the same interest in journalism, later formed a new media club and published a student’s magazine together.

#2 – Learn what’s expected of you at university. If you worry that university is challenging because learning here is different from high school, in the orientation, we will tell you “preparing is better than worrying”. LSU staff will present a Characteristics of a successful student session. Listen carefully to the staff and join the activities. Many students think that to ‘work hard’ is the only answer. However, it’s even more important to ‘work smart’ as well. We don’t want to make university a scary place for you but a place where you gain knowledge, skills and experience life. Come and find out how to succeed at university without becoming just a nerd!

#3 – Take notes of contacts of support services. During the orientation, you will meet staff members from academic departments and student services. Remembering who they are, what they do and how to contact them is very important. You will benefit from help at least once during your time at university. These contacts will save you time and energy a lot. For instance, “who will I talk to if I have problems in understanding lecturers?” You will discover that we can actually help with even this small question.

Many students regretted not talking to experts in Learning Skills Unit, Career Centre and Student Counselling and Wellbeing until the problem became serious. They don’t know who they should talk to because they skipped orientation.

#4 – Meet former students. Former successful students are there to share their thoughts with you too. They have been in your position before. How did they earn good grades? What extra activities did they do? What trouble did they have and how did they overcome? Successes and failures are shared. Most importantly, asking questions and talking to them will boost your confidence to embrace a new life at university. They can be successful and so can you. You may be the next one standing on the stage and sharing experience!

#5 – Make the most use of your orientation package. The bag we give you is not for fun. In the bag, you will find a lot of useful information. Firstly, your student diary has key information on university policies, procedures, support services and important dates. Secondly, our semester activities are also included, such as learning skills workshop schedule for the whole semester or mentoring program information. Thirdly, the orientation program tells you what session is coming and what you can expect to get from that session.

So, are you ready to the Orientation? We hope you will enjoy attending it and have a good semester!

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One response to “5 ways to get the most from your Orientation”

  1. Carol Witney says :

    This is really good advice – especially the 2nd point. Students often forget that taking responsibility for themselves is part of the learning process – becoming independent!
    And. making the most of opportunities that are presented to you is an important life-skill, too.

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