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Students’ strategies for coping with EFL teachers’ written feedback- an explorative study with Vietnamese students

By Dr. Wei Wei, LSU This is the extended version of Dr Wei Wei’s presentation to RMIT Vietnam English Programs staff on Thursday 28th June 2012 at the Saigon campus. 1. Objectives This study aims to investigate how students interpret lecturers’ feedback on their first drafts and make appropriate changes in their second drafts.  To […]

You are what you read

By Matthew Cowan, LSU Never before have we had greater access to information.  Information produced in the last 30 years is said to be greater than the amount produced in the previous 5,000. Knowledge creation was once the guarded preserve of scholars at universities and almost exclusively published in peer-reviewed journals reached only by a […]

5 ways to get the most from your Orientation

In this post, Van, our Administration Officer in the LSU in Hanoi, offers her top 5 essential things for new students to do on Orientation Day!  By Truong Thuy Van, LSU Some might tell you that orientation is boring. Don’t trust them! Experienced students would not suggest you to skip it but rather make the […]

Why do they come here? University choice among Vietnamese students

By David DeBrot, LSU Historically in Vietnam, there is often sighted the legend of a Confucian scholar studying late into the wee hours while his suffering wife takes care of domesticity so that he may focus on his important provincial and national exams. The scholar is successful, and upon receiving his high marks, he is […]