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Supporting NESB students

By Ian Handsley An obvious complication to the teaching and learning environment at RMITV is that we deliver Australian qualifications to students from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB). Students at IELTS 6.5–the majority of RMITV undergrads–experience additional learning burdens. Not only are subject concepts complex and culturally specific, but students often experience the language in which […]

Links to resources for teaching

Here’s where you can find links to sites that can prove useful, or at least interesting! If you find a site or application that you really like, let us know by e-mailing it to us at! RMIT Melbourne Learning and Teaching This site includes information and specific examples of areas such as engaging students, […]

Argument mapping in your subject

By Ian Handsley Argument mapping is a technique for representing ideas visually. Research on its use in Australian universities has consistently shown it has a profound impact on students’ critical thinking abilities. What’s an argument map? Rather than describe one, here’s a map of the argument “You should integrate argument mapping into the subjects you […]

Giving effective feedback

By Ian Handsley Feedback on assessment has a significant impact on the quality of students’ learning experiences – it affects what they learn, but also how they feel about themselves as learners. The challenge is to give constructive criticism while also nurturing self confidence and motivation. The tips below from offer some ideas for giving […]

Good task design

By Ian Handsley We see the real outcomes of assessment at the LSU – most of the time they’re good, but sometimes students are unnecessarily hobbled by certain assessment designs and wordings. So, based on our experiences and good practice, here are some tips for ensuring assessments do what they’re meant to do… Keep the […]

Learn, don’t study!

This is David’s article that appeared in Viet Week and the Thanh Nien News on the 2/3/2012.  By David DeBrot Learning, as opposed to studying can improve your results in your academic career, professional career and your life. It’s a powerful approach to information and the world that can make your life experience and learning […]

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

This is Matt’s article that appeared in Viet Week and Thanh Nien News on the 6/4/2012.  By Matthew Cowan Late last year on a return flight home with the LSU crew from an academic language and learning conference in Adelaide, I somehow, and regrettably, sat through a Tom Hanks directed, produced, written and starred romantic comedy (with […]